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Tao Lodge
The Tao Lodge Master GalleryThe Tao Lodge Master Gallery of Galleries (Most Recent Photos)
Tao Lodge MiG Photo GalleriesTao Lodge MiG Photo Galleries
Tao Lodge PHP Photo GalleriesTao Lodge PHP Photo Galleries
Leary Photo GalleryLeary Photo Gallery
Christmas [1999]Christmas in Taiwan 1999
Thanksgiving [1999]Thanksgiving in Taiwan 1999
Stateside [1999]Stateside (California) in Summer/Fall 1999
Old Hand BBQ [1999]Old Hand Rooftop Summer BBQ 1999
JW Birthday [1999]Jw Birthday 1999
JW Ambient Party [1999]JW Ambient Party in 1999, Taipei
Phoenix and Zephyr [1998]Phoenix and Zephyr Gallery 1998
Phoenix and Zephyr [1997]Phoenix and Zephyr Gallery 1997
Amir in TaiwanAmir during his visit to Taiwan and Asia in 1997.

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