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Golden Stove

Chin Lu -- The Golden Stove, Seat of Eternal Life
a great thunderous rumble shaking the earth depths a primordial resonance being felt deep in the skin shivering the Kundalini Spine ridge-pole sending a tremulous shock wave rush spiral Ida/Pingala nerves coiled Tao Tien the Cinnabar field of rich red turbulance the Solar Plexic Caldron brewing psychic lightning bolts zig-zag power perferations getting to the Root of the Matter ch'i/prana equals life-energy found near the end of the spine the remnant of ancestor tail it warms the body thru its circulation being directed in circles great pinwheels of trailing light flicker faint star dust the spirit of Mercury feather feet the first gate is at the base of the spine - wei lu second gate is up backbone to kidneys - chia chi third gate, back of head - yu ch'en fourth gate right before/as reaching the brain - ni wan it then flows down the front to be fired in the Yu Ting (Precious Caldron) only to return again... the helix of this magic rides in all cells of Living Things... the sage trudging in knee high snow looking east for the Valley Spirit which appears in his dreams gathering twigs and small wood he sets back for dry shrine nestled in humble grove of tall bamboo stirring green tea in the enchantment of it all he alone circulates this Ch'i/prana/life-force in the full presence of High Authority resting in the seat of fire the Heart focusing on Tsu Ch'iao the center of the brain - behind the eyes Pineal Seed Source of All Visions directed to the Grain-Pearl of Ancient Wisdom by his insightly perception he is bound for the Secret of the Golden Flower being transported by the gentle breeze Tigers Breath Dragon gust sailing on a silken thread narrow path Mountain Route.... 8/24/75

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