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My Week - August 10Timothy Leary has been an enormous influence in my life and I have spent vast amounts of time and energy in and around Tim over the years. The good Doctor flew up to San Francisco tonight to launch a new book. Asked for a few words about the untimely death of Jerry Garcia, Dr. Leary opined... "Hang On. Hang in. Hang out."
Timothy Leary - BibliographyShort biblography and a variety of other related links to Tim Leary.
Hair: "Timothy Leary Dearie"Share in assorted memories of and musings on Timothy Leary and his passing . . .
Mental Health Net - Perspectives: Suicide on Leary's WebsiteTim Leary has prostate cancer, which has spread. He is down to 70 pounds and says "Hi-Tech designer dying is occupying most of my time." ( Suicidologists posting to the suicide-prevention discussion list ( are concerned about his influence on the vulnerable, especially the elderly, and the very young. Leaders of the Canadian and American Suicide Prevention Associations are reviewing their options to protect the vulnerable.
Timothy Leary - Cosmic Baseball AssociationTimothy Leary is one of the founding fathers of the psychedelic revolution. The son of an alcoholic dentist who abandoned the family when Leary was 13, Leary went on to become a cultural icon as recognizable as the Beatles and Andy Warhol. His motto "turn on, tune in, and drop out" became the mantra for a generation. Leary was nearly 40 when he started experimenting with hallucinogens and psychotropics. Soon a new rule would be imposed on the world's youth: "don't trust anyone over 30." Leary, of course, was a spiritual father to this generation. The effects of his own father's abandonment have been reviewed by more than one commentator. In Jay Stevens' analysis of LSD and its influence on American culture, Storming Heaven, he quotes Leary as stating that his pain regarding his father's departure "emerged later during a drug session with Jack Kerouac." Kerouac's psychology was more dominated by his dominating mother then his father. Much of Leary's psychodrama has been fueled by the complex paternal issues. This might explain why Jack and Tim were not the best of friends. While Kerouac eschewed the hippies, Leary embraced them.
The Timothy Leary and Robert Anton Wilson Show"Put it into historical context. The use of sacramental vegetables has gone back, back, back in history to shamans and the Hindu religion and Buddhist religion. They were using soma. It's an ancient human ritual that has usually been practiced in the context of religion or of worship or of tribal coming together. I didn't pioneer anything. The use of psychedelics for spiritual purposes was started in the 50s by Allen Ginsberg and William Burroughs." Tim Leary
Dr Timothy Leary Honorary SiteTim Leary, who died on may 31 , 1996 in Beverley Hills, has been an inspiring personal friend, to whom we dedicate this honorary site. May you, the readers, get inspiration and inspirition from his last and greatest trip, the one over the threshold into the true unknown.
Personal Computers/Personal FreedomOnce upon a time, knowledge-information was stored in extremely expensive mainframe systems called Illuminated Volumes, usually Bibles, carefully guarded in the palace of the Duke or Bishop and accessible only to security-cleared, socially alienated hackers called Monks. Then in 1456 Johann Gutenberg invented a most important piece of hardware: the movable-type printing press. This knowledge-information processing system could mass-produce inexpensive, portable software readily available for home use. The Personal Book.
Hazardous MediaDaring Internet Adventures....produced the documentary Timothy Leayr's Last Trip in which Ken Kesey and his band of Merry Pranksters take Tim to the Hog Farm on the rebuilt bus Further for his Last Trip.
Farewell TimA few words in memoriam on Tim Leary.
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