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Ai Ching

Ai Ching - Classic of Love
Intertwined in love on a Beach twisted in mimic to the protein that made it possible rolling on the sand in Ecstasy Moist lips leave with string of saliva Intertwined in love on a beach High in the Web of vibrations stirred by the Ancient Desire the Desire to be with Another Encompass the warmth of near body fathom the heart beat of two together pulsating in Orgasm Intertwined in love on a beach Spasmodic jerks of released Tantrical Energy a scene easily seen Swimming together in perfect love Salt water embrace the wettest of dreams in the hottest of daze Intangle on the towel whispering tenderness the ears have heard again Spiral serpentine twist rushing with surges Body gizm soft velvet erotic in the sun which shone on all lovers past Be-cuming One on the Beaches of Time brown skinned hug epidermal to epidermal Intertwined in love on a beach Remembering all the Love that has been given Recalling the love of our mothers in bed with our fathers Seed mingle 23 plus 23 makes One In LOVE Universal love incorporated between Two Divine procreative entity choosing where and when to love To penetrate and receive the seed lingam in sexual sigh the moment which can never end the breath which can fill no lung There on the beach with the sun going to China warming oriental lovers posed in the Universal of All poses Intertwined in Love in all languages Silent Rapture gasping in simple biologic joy Trembling Jade Stock/Jade Pavillion await in subtle penetration September 1, 1975

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